Why choose us?

CAMEO Online is TransUnion Information Group's leading data enhancement tool which enables you to quickly cleanse and reformat your address data whilst adding key consumer insight. 

This can all be done online, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whichever country you are in.


Truly understand your customers and market with CAMEO. No other consumer classification has such a wide range of public, private and transactional source datasets. Callcredit work with a global network of partners giving us access to deeper and broader data.

Global Reach

No other consumer classification has such wide international coverage. CAMEO covers over 40 countries, each with a country specific segmentation, and crucially, a universal International CAMEO code. This helps you link your classification strategy across borders, enabling a truly global approach to consumer segmentation.


Understand 100% of your customer and prospect records. CAMEO can be attached to all of your customer and prospect addresses and provides understanding and intelligence across the entire market.


CAMEO offers different delivery channels to meet your needs including: Bureau Append Services that append CAMEO to your consumer records, CAMEO Online letting you append your records securely 24/7 from any location in the world, and Server Based API which provides a fully integrated solution within your existing operations.

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